Charity Looker - Statistics Canada 2013 Charity Dataset Parser



  • Java
  • Apache Tomcat (Local Website Hosting)


  • 2018


Under the Income Tax Act, Canadian charities are able to register themselves but must follow the notion of fiscal transparency and quotas to the public. Often times on a Charity’s website, the fiscal statements are missing but a brief description of the Charity’s fiscal accomplishments are visible. Due to the nature of the source of information, the description of accomplishments may be misleading and will contain bias. The goal of CharityLooker aims to fulfill the ongoing issue of charity misinformation, misrepresentation, bias, and compilation of empirical data for the public to view. Considering that charities contribute to an average of 8.1% of the total Canadian GDP, CharityLooker seeks to answer the question “Where is my money going to?” CharityLooker addresses this problem by leveraging the 2013 Charitable Listings dataset from Statistics Canada and compiles it into a functional input-driven database. Using modern computing algorithms, CharityLooker supports queries and functions to manipulate and display data of individual charities.

What I implemented in this project was the Web/Server UI, applicaiton controller, quicksort, Hashing (Probing, adjacency) and search algorithmns.

Here's the link to the repository. The repository has been forked from the private GitLab for visibility.

Here's the link to the dataset.